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Chair of Healthcare Management and Health Services Research

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Research and teaching are performed by the whole team. Our internal and external team members contribute their excellent education, complementary skills and competencies as well as their commitment to accomplish outstanding results in teaching and research.

Based on our shared interdisciplinary and international orientation, the members of the team develop networks with scientific specialists as well as contacts to stakeholders of the healthcare delivery ecosystem. Practical execution and theory can be brought closer together by this way of working and thinking. Particularly, since we are convinced that research theory can help to navigate practical implementation. This enables the team to offer highly relevant research contributions to our scientific or industrial cooperation partners. At the same time, our students benefit from the range and topicality of our research, primarily since they are future-oriented and strategically relevant, from both a practical and a scientific perspective. This is also reflected by the conception of the bachelor and master theses as well as in the supervision of the corresponding candidates assisted by the team. The topics of essays, term papers and final theses, which are supervised by the team, range from neuromuscular diseases to vector-borne, viral infections to technology-enabled care solutions. Team members involved in teaching can deepen their expertise and refine individual skills, which often happens in the interaction with our students.  


Prof. Dr. N. N.
Ilona RümpeleinAdministrative Assistant
Michael BurkardResearch and Teaching Assistant
Dr. Lena SchinnerResearch and Teaching Assistant

Former professor

Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus H. Nagels

External Doctoral Candidates

Rebecca Gonser
Ute Hünermund
Evelyn Schlegl
Tina Taube

Former Employees and Doctoral Candidates

Dr. Katja Senn
Deniz Senyel
Dr. Dominik Seitz
Dr. Dominik Bindl
Dr.Fabienne Englmeier
Nina Gröschel
Dr. Laura Gumbert
Dr. Reiner Hofmann
Dr. Robert Kordic
Dr. Julia Lämmel
Dr. Anna Levsen
Dr. Lilli Neumann

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