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Chair of Healthcare Management and Health Services Research

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Gebäude Parsifalstraße 25 Bayreuth
Gebäude Parsifalstraße 25 Bayreuth

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We would like to welcome you to our website. We appreciate your interest in the team and the chair of healthcare management and health services research.

My team and I would like to introduce ourselves briefly and give you an overview of our fields of activity. The major focus of our research and teaching is on the interdisciplinary areas of medical management and health services research. In this context, we engage in research fields, which differ in their clinical focus. Most of our research is to answer health economic research questions. Accordingly, microeconomic, health economic, clinical and epidemiological methodologies as well as methods of health services research are applied. Our most recent research results are also shared and reflected with our students by impactful teaching formats.

Health systems all over the world are faced with a continuous stream of innovations from various sources. These sources include a range of established enterprises with industrial or service business models (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, information/digital technologies) as well as start-ups with strong ties to universities and other research institutions. The intensity of innovation exerts enormous pressure on health care systems, which have to adapt much more flexibly than in the past. The convergence of innovations from different fields increases the complexity and the transformation pressure on national and international health care ecosystems. Therefore, resource allocation and funding decisions are more challenging than ever. Given that, evidence and evidence generation are crucial. In this process, our role is to support the health economic transparency by raising and answering related research questions.

Correspondingly, innovation and technology management related research methodologies embedded in particular health economic context represent the core of our activities. Digital applications in health care play a growing role and we aim to get a deeper understanding of the value of these health-related applications such as smartphone apps and VR applications beyond the hype.  In addition, we focus in our projects on the impact of digital solutions on pure efficiency of care processes. Further examples of our research projects entail risk management related research on vector-borne, viral infections from a public health perspective against the background of changing habitats due to climate change. We also investigate the impact of neuromuscular diseases on the health and socio-medical related indicators of caregiving relatives.

Particularly, medical decision processes have become a subject to transformation as for instance due to more precise and deeper diagnostic insights enabled by both in-vitro and imaging diagnostic procedures. From our point of view, this represents the constitutive and pivotal element of digital transformation of health care systems. Our projects cover the diagnostic and therapeutic fields of neurology, cardiology, oncology, radiation oncology and viral infections (e. g. Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue). In these medical fields, we cooperate with renowned clinical experts to ensure the quality of international research.

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